Tourist Office Saint-Laurent-du-Var

Saint-Laurent-du-Var, a seaside resort in the heart of the Riviera features 2km including 2 paying beaches (with sand).

BAY STAR & LOUNGE ( Holiday Inn )

Sandy paying beach
Restauration,  water sports
Promenade des flots Bleus
Phone: 00 33 4 93 14 80 20



Beach Club

Sandy paying beach
Restauration, musical night
Promenade des flots bleus
Tel: 00 33 4 92 12 95 53


Public beaches :

  • Cousteau beach (parking south Cap 3000 and beach volley)
  • Landsberg beach (east part nonsmoker don’t accessible to bathing)
  • Beach nonsmoker in front of the Nautical Center
  • Flots Bleus beach (aid station and handiplage) -  supervised beach
  • Vespins Beach (next to the tourist office). Accessible for dogs, picnic area and aid station

Free Wifi access, Category II rating, Tourism and handicap label and the Regional Award for Tourism Innovation :



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