Saint-Laurent-du-Var, a seaside resort in the heart of the Riviera features 2km including 2 private beaches (with sand).

Cocody Beach ( Holiday Inn )

Sandy private beach
Restauration,  water sports
Promenade des flots Bleus
Phone: 00 33 4 93 14 80 20

Beach Club

Sandy private beach
Restauration, musical night
Promenade des flots bleus
Tel: 00 33 4 92 12 95 53

Mark "Quality Tourism"

Aero Trampoline

All the year
Flots Bleus beach
Tel: 00 33 46 80 22 53 07 


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Welcoming quality, events...

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Shopping at the tourist office

In memories of your holidays, the Tourist office offers a new range of practical and aesthetic products for sale exclusively at the reception. (credit cards not accepted)


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